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Anti-graffiti coatings

Anti-graffiti coatings can be invisible to the naked eye making them ideal for preserving historic buildings. There are two categories of anti-graffiti coatings. The first, sacrificial coatings, these are applied to a surface and then removed when graffiti is applied. The surface underneath will be left clean and a new sacrificial coating can be applied. The other type are permanent coatings that prevent graffiti from adhering to a surface in the first place.

Newer coatings are made of charged polymeric materials that form a gel on the surface of the building or substrate. Some of the most important characteristics of anti-graffiti coatings are:

  • Sufficient adherence without damage to historical buildings
  • Hydrophobicity (water-repellance)
  • Environmentally friendly composition and processing
  • Resistance to UV aging and weathering
  • Good cleaning efficiency
We also offer Class 0 Fire Rated anti-graffiti coatings for exterior surfaces that have been formulated to provide a permanent water based, easily cleaned finish for all types of surfaces including brick, masonry, natural stonework and previously painted surfaces.