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Environmentally friendly coatings
Mineral Coatings

Barwin are approved specialists and big advocates of mineral paints. These types of paints are environmentally friendly truly non-toxic and contain no VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), made from natural ingredients including water glass (potassium silicate), earth oxide pigments and natural minerals.  

The paints contain exclusively high-quality, lightfast, mineral pigments and binders which exhibit the greatest UV resistance of all paint systems, and are absolutely weather-resistant. All colours are unaffected by the action of weathering and UV radiation, ensuring no colour fade with the passage of time.  Having a bright matt appearance, the crystal structure of mineral paints gives a high level of light reflectance compared to oil based film forming paints of a similar colour. We provide workmanship and material warranties to our clients.


Limewash has been and is still used throughout the world as a decorative and protective coating. In the past it was applied on most buildings from humble agricultural barns through to high status buildings like castles and cathedrals.

The Victorians preferred to see the stone or brickwork and so the tradition of limewashing began to die out. However, there is a renewed interest in re-limewashing historic buildings to help protect them. Limewash is mildly antiseptic, was and still is regularly used in agricultural buildings. This is probably where the idea comes from that ‘lime wash needs doing annually’ which is not true, but it probably was done annually for this reason in the past.

Limewash is a paint made from lime powder and water together with a colour pigment. It is an ideal solution for old buildings with a lime based render or lime based pointing. Limewash binds to the surface very well and is totally breathable.

We use limewash paints, these are available from a number of sources including Ecos, Ty-Mawr, Little Greene and Farrow & Ball.