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Protective coatings
Resin based paints

Barwin we are licensed to apply specialist high build, epoxy floor paints. They are a thick resin and can be applied up to 1mm thick, designed to give hard-wearing surface, excellent abrasion and chemical resistance. These materials are available in a range of attractive colours and are suitable for concrete, grano and steel surfaces. Even on rough and uneven concrete, resin cures to a smooth gloss, easily cleanable surface finish, capable of withstanding the toughest of factory conditions. Resin based coatings are used in areas where a good wearing and chemical resistant surface is required, such as factories, food preparation and warehousing areas, laboratories, breweries and commercial garages.

Anti-slip coatings

With the addition of chippings scattered into the wet resin, resin based paints can also be made anti-slip coatings. Barwin use this process on walkways, staircases and landings. 

Concrete coatings

The concrete protective coatings group includes water based elastomeric anti-carbonation coatings, high opacity decorative coatings, protective barrier coatings and a migratory corrosion inhibitor. These specialist coatings, suitable for any concrete surface and are available in variety of colours. Elastomeric anti-carbonation coatings are designed to extend the service life of steel reinforced concrete by restricting the damaging passage of carbon dioxide gas, which can permeate concrete and cause corrosion of steel and spalling of concrete. It also protects surfaces from the ingress of water and slows the passage of water vapour. If used as part of our concrete repair system, we provide workmanship and material warranties.

Intumescent fire protection coatings

The intumescent fire protection coatings have been designed to provide fire protection for structural steelwork and other materials such as aluminium and plastic. Barwin are approved to apply intumescent fire protection coatings by leading manufacturers that have been tested to the highest standards to comply with the UK fire safety regulations.

We also offer Class 0 Fire Rated anti-graffiti coatings for exterior surfaces, that have been formulated to provide a permanent water based, easily cleaned finish for all types of surfaces including brick, masonry, natural stonework and previously painted surfaces.