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Small Works and Emergency Works

Barwin Launch Small Works Construction

Having spent over 30 years in the construction industry the team at Barwin have worked on many large residential, commercial and industrial projects across the UK.

Recently it has become more apparent that our clients require more, and with this in mind Small Works Construction has been set up to help assist our clients with extra services. All our projects will include an initial site visit and survey so that we can fully understand the project and are able to provide you with the highest level of service.

This is being headed by Eric Staggs and his team of highly skilled tradesmen who all have many years of construction experience and knowledge. Eric has been part of the Barwin team for 5 years and he has made a big impact on all the projects he has worked on.

Along with the small works Barwin will also carry out reactive/ emergency works and can be with you within 24 hours, 7 days a week. For further information please call us on: 020 8345 7900 or email sales@barwin.co.uk.

Our Small Works Construction Services include:

External Restoration:

Stone and Brick Restoration

  •          Reconstituted Stone Repairs in-situ 
  •          Installation of Natural Stone Indents 
  •          Fixing of Natural Stone Cladding
  •          Hand Carving to Natural Stone
  •          Re-running of moulded reconstituted stone profiles and projections 
  •          Stone Preservation 
  •          Stone Repointing

Concrete Repairs and Protection

  •          Specialist Coatings including fairing coats
  •          Cover Metre Surveys
  •          Hammer Tests
  •          Phenolphthalein Tests
  •          Carbonation Tests
  •          Core Tests 
  •          Concrete Repair Spraying
  •          Specialist Coatings Including Anti-Carbonation and Removal of Coatings
  •          Grit Blasting of Steels 


  •          Restoration in-situ of flat facing, moulded profile, dental and gauged/rubbed bricks
  •          Restoration in-situ of brick coping sections
  •          Complete reforming of gauged arched brickwork
  •          Specialist pointing to match the original
  •          Specialist rendering

Structural Waterproofing

  •          Sika 1 waterproof system
  •          Sovereign Chemicals
  •          Tam Injection System
  •          Ronocrete
  •          Fosroc
  •          Weber SBD

Structural Repairs

  •          Steel replacement and treatment
  •          Helifix systems installation
  •          Resin injection
  •          Concrete repairs
  •          Rebuilding

Building Façade cleaning

  •          Stone and Brick Cleaning
  •          DOFF System Cleaning
  •          TORC System Cleaning
  •          Coatings and Graffiti Removal
  •          Bronze Cleaning and Restoration
  •          Abseiling

External Decoration

  •          Specialist decorative finishes
  •          Environmentally friendly coatings
  •          Protective coatings
  •          Anti-graffiti coatings
  •          Metalwork care and gliding
  •          Timber care