Project: 30 Great Sutton Street, London

Client: Quartz Project Services

30 Great Sutton Street is 3 storey commercial building located 5 minutes from Farringdon Tube station in the heart of the City. 

Scope of works:

We initially carried out some exploratory work as the brickwork was dislodged and pushed out on all elevations to the building as well as water ingress issues.

Once exposed, we gathered the external skin of brickwork was not sufficiently tied in to the structure nor were waterproofing measures in place.

We then enhanced the structure by means of installing additional steel work which meant extending the wind posts which we had fabricated and this was welded and bolted on site to add further re-enforcement.

Additional ties were put in so that the external leaf of brickwork was sufficiently tied into the structure.

We made it watertight before re-building by installing a membrane and cementitious board and introduced movement joints as well as weep holes.

The works had to be carried out in sequences which meant we had to temporarily prop areas as we removed and re-built large sections of brickwork throughout the project.

New copings were made and laid as well as stainless steel handrail to the parapet wall.

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