Project: Millennium Hotel, Mayfair

Principle Contractor: Vascroft 

The building was designed by architect Richard Seifert and constructed from 1967 to 1969 by Grand Metropolitan Hotels as the Britannia Hotel. It has a classical red-brick facade facing Grosvenor Square, and a modern concrete, brick and glass facade facing Adam’s Row, which is the main entrance. The hotel was renamed the Britannia Inter-Continental London in 1981, after Grand Metropolitan acquired Inter-Continental Hotels.

The hotel was bought by Millennium & Copthorne Hotels on 7 October 1996 and renamed the Millennium Britannia Hotel. It was renovated in 2000 and then renamed the Millennium Hotel London Mayfair. The hotel’s Pine Bar was the site of the poisoning of Alexander Litvinenko in 2006.

Scope of Works: 

• Pressurised steam cleaning brick and stonework.
• Cleaning the low level car park.
• Raking out of loose stone joints and repointing.
• Matching Portland stone premix to the original.
• General brick replacement.
• Hacking off loose render and replacing like for like.

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