Project: St John’s Wood Church, London

Client: St John’s Wood Church

St John’s Wood Church, built in 1814 by Thomas Hardwick, overlooks Lords Roundabout by Regents Park. With its original box pews and fine collection of monuments, the building has been in continuous use as a place of Christian worship since its construction.

Barwin removed the coatings by dry grit blasting from the internal stone piers and brick walls in the catacombs. All windows and doorways were protected with hard board and gaffer tape to prevent any dust penetrating into other areas within the premises. Works were carried out in two separate stages: removal of coatings and clearing of all the debris in a designated area. Areas were thoroughly vacuumed on completion of each stage.

Scope of works:

  • Dry grit blasting to remove all coatings and contaminants from the vehicle gates and pedestrian gate
  • Preparation and redecoration of the gates in accordance with Hempel paint system specifications
  • Application of an additional two top coats of SC329 bronze green.
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